Do Electric Cars Need Oil?

Mercedes-Benz 2022 EQS Sedan

Everyone knows that fully electric cars don’t use gas, which should make for a more affordable Surrey commute. But what about oil? Do electric cars use oil? No, they do not use oil and there’s no such thing as electric car oil service. But, what if the car is a hybrid, like the Mercedes-Benz C300 sedan? Hybrids are a little different, and we’ll talk about that below. Which kind of car is the EQS? Does the Mercedes-Benz EQS use oil? The staff in our Surrey service centre wants to help keep you informed, so let’s talk about these questions in more depth.



Do Electric Cars Need Oil to Run?

So, you may not need an electric car oil replacement, but do electric cars need oil at all? No, the electric powertrains in these vehicles do not use oil at all. You will need to occasionally check the brake and transmission fluid, as well as coolant if the car is equipped with a radiator. You will also need to rotate and replace the tires, just as you would on a conventional car, to ensure a reliable Langley commute.

What About Hybrid Cars?

Hybrid cars, like the Mercedes-Benz C300, have both an electric motor and a gas engine. Since a hybrid is not a fully electric car, oil replacement is still necessary, as are services like spark plug changes, replacing the air filter, etc., will be required to keep the car running dependably on our White Rock roads. However, these services are typically needed less frequently in a hybrid car than a gas-combustion car, because the gas engine is used less as it’s supported by the electric motor.

Is the Mercedes-Benz EQS an EV or Hybrid?

The Mercedes-Benz EQS is fully electric, and therefore does not use oil. But that’s not the only impressive thing about this automobile. Here are some other highlights:

  • KEYLESS-GO with seamless door handles
  • Panorama roof
  • Burmester® 3D Surround Sound system w/EV Sound
  • 10-degree rear axle steering
  • 4-zone automatic climate control
  • Multicontour front seats with massage
  • Heated and ventilated rear seats
  • Rear-cabin wireless charging

Check Out the EQS and C300 at Mercedes-Benz Surrey

Electricity is the automotive future, and you can be a part of it when you buy a car like the EQS or C300 sedan. You should come down and test drive one of these amazing automobiles. If you’d like to learn more, check out our post about the 2022 EQS interior. We’re right down the road from Richmond, and we’re here to help. So, drop by or contact us today!


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